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Reflective material in China market to attract the world top 500
    In broadcasting network Shanghai experts estimate that, within the next five years, China for reflective material demand will grow exponentially, reflective material market of China are hidden the vast potential is attracting well-known enterprises in the world have come to China to invest and set up factories, the introduction of new technology will further the birth of the development of Chinese reflective material market.
    Changzhou Kehai reflective material Co., Ltd. field of reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective ribbon, reflective retie, reflective fabric, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, reflective, reflective safety of silk fabrics, etc.. Reflective material contains a high refractive index glass beads, glass beads, the incident light along with the direction of the incident light reflection back to the light source, when the irradiation angle in a wide range of changes can still maintain the characteristics. Widely used in public security, transportation, sanitation department staff uniforms, road signs, signs, markings, mines, railways and other personnel working in the field of clothing, straps and other special market and civilian market. With the acceleration of the next few years or even decades of China's highway construction and the gradual implementation of the urbanization and the urbanization strategy, the 2008 Olympic Games will hold in Beijing, the World Expo held in Shanghai, the further expansion of China's reform and opening up, the tourism industry development and people to the pursuit of fashionable life, reflective material in our country and even the world market development prospect is very good.

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