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The necessity of the development of reflective materials localization
    China's vast territory and abundant resources, large population, from an analysis of the above market, coupled with the promulgation of the new Department of the public security body reflective logo standard, large trucks were affixed reflective logo, the annual demand of reflective film is more than tens of millions of square. Civilian reflective material market is even greater, has not been measured. However, for a long time, China's reflective material market is monopolized by the import products, especially the high strength grade reflective film. Due to the high technology content of reflective film, imported products are sold at high prices in our country, and get a lot of profit. A lot of foreign exchange expenses, which restrict the promotion and application of China's reflective film, and the rapid development of China's national economy has formed a great contrast, the development of China's national economy, especially the development of road traffic safety is very unfavorable. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the development of the traffic safety engineering, especially for the development of the traffic safety engineering in the Midwest. In fact, reflective film products in the field of transport, the security role of non alternative, has been the attention of the whole society, but also by the national industrial policy concerns, support and support. The State Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of light industry and other key projects for many projects, encourage the development of directional reflecting film products. State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission also included two committees jointly issued the current national focus on encouraging the development of industries, products and technology directory "Article 10, paragraph 5" highway engineering new material development and production "directory, in our country" 15 "high technology industry focus on the development of special planning, classified as nine out of the twelve key special" microelectronics and photoelectron materials ", and these are described, the localization of the reflective film with the industrial policies of the state.

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