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The reflective material development direction
    In recent ten years, with the rapid development of the rise of the foundation industry of our country, reflective material in China has been rapid development, in a number of reflective material fields have the independent intellectual property rights, a variety of reflective material products self-contained, not only to replace the imported products, and have been out of the country, in the field of a number of products has already begun and foreign reflective material pioneer challenge, began a large number of grab their share of the market. China reflective material industry in recent years has indeed achieved remarkable results, but China's reflective material products still have gaps in the field, such as micro prism type reflective film, high, fine, sharp reflective material products in the domestic quantity is not satisfactory. Reflective material production technology, research and development technology has yet to be further enhanced. Another reflective material size of the enterprise is not many, many small manufacturers of independent research and development capacity is weak, poor business management. Reflective material of the future market development will require more and more technical strength, product quality is further improved, the cost of further decline, which is China's reflective material enterprises put forward higher requirements.

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