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About the application of reflective material
    The application of reflective material in the marking industry began in early 80, and later with the development of reflective material in China, the use of public security, transportation, fire, railway, coal and other departments, in order to ensure the safety of people's personal safety and civil products and other fields began to be widely used. Since the 1990s, the reflective material civil stock market started on the right track, product application domain is getting more and more broad, professional is divided into finer, relevant departments of different uses of reflective materials were developed to international standards or industry standards. For example: national occupational standards EN-47l (high visibility warning clothing), the road traffic sign reflective film ". Europe and the United States and other western developed countries will also as insurance compensation is an important basis of reflective material specification, and regulations or forms of encouragement, regulations or promoting the use of reflective material, such as in rain, fog, snow, and so the line of sight to identify poor environment, the elderly, children out must wear or wear reflective material's logo or clothing. Civil reflective material is mainly reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective printing cloth, production reflective cloth domestic famous manufacturers Youdao Ming, Xing Hua, night vision Li.
    Industry with reflective material mainly refers to the five levels of a variety of reflective film, diamond grade reflective film, high grade reflective film, engineering grade reflective film, reflective film and advertising grade film, etc.. Mainly used for production of all kinds of reflective signs signs, license plates of motor vehicles, safety facilities, such as, during the day in the bright colors to obvious warning effect, at night or in case of insufficient light, the bright reflective effect can be effectively enhanced people's ability to identify, see the target, causing the alert, to avoid accident, reduce casualties and reduce the economic loss, become indispensable to the road traffic security guards, and obvious social benefits. With the development of the national economy, road traffic development is very rapid, rapid increase in China's highway mileage, high-speed road traffic engineering, information technology has become the direction of development, with the construction and development of China's urbanization, the environment and beautify the city become elements, all-round, full overpass city road more and more. At the same time, a variety of vehicles with increasing prosperity, traffic management, traffic attendant, grow with each passing day, traffic safety has been referred to a very important position, strengthen traffic management, ensure traffic safety, to ensure the development of the national economy, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, has become the consensus, increase traffic signs, the road traffic safety facilities, vehicle identification, indicator setting is the traffic safety management is very important in a ring. A number of foreign countries show that the traffic and road signs and accidents are related to the probability of 70%, a clear and complete traffic and road signs to drivers and pedestrians in good condition, can effectively reduce accidents and improve traffic efficiency. According to the relevant department statistics, in 1996 the national total traffic accident occurred in the evening of 81562, 2535 people died, accounting for 28.3% of the total number of deaths due to traffic accidents. No lighting conditions, the use of reflective material to set up eye-catching signs of traffic signs, vehicle license, wearing clothes decorated with reflective material, can make the traffic accident down 30-40%. At present, China has a secondary (including secondary) or above grade highway about 20 million kilometers, the total mileage of highway 1.1 million km average amount of film about 50m2 / km, the highway with the amount of the film about 30m2 / km, China's highway traffic mileage 133.6 million km, only 1999 new higher grade highway 154 million kilometers, Highway ordinary average amount of the film using about 12m kilometres, and the highway at an annual rate of about 5 million km of growth. "Fifteen" period, our country highway five vertical and seven horizontal, twelve national highway trunk line total mileage. By 2010 the western highway mileage will reach 350 thousand km. In addition, many of the early completion of the high level of the road is also continuous transformation, a large number of reflective signs also need to update. In addition, China has about 60 thousand kilometers of railway lines, with the new, transformation, the speed of the train and the railway signs with the reverse reflective material technology (T2929-1999 / TB) standard, the railway marks are also being used to promote the use of high strength film. Per kilometer 7-8 square meter (which is the most conservative calculation). China's annual use of about 2 million 500 thousand square meters of film. By 2010, the total amount of film used in the market of our country is at least 25 million 600 thousand square meters, of which the amount of high strength film is about 11 million 520 thousand to 45% square meters. Because the reflective material is a periodic loss material, reflective film need to be updated once every 7-10 years, China is still increasing traffic investment, so the current reflective film market is a rapid rise. According to statistics, is expected in the future, China's annual increase in film volume is not less than 20%. Secondly, forest, mountains areas, tourist attractions, wharf, marine and coast line in the field of widely used yet in statistics. Countries in the world, including China, have made a lot of policies, can be said to be mandatory. High strength film and series of reflective material in the road, railway, shipping and other fields has become an inevitable trend.

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